If Incarceration has impacted your life, Ride and Rebuild, LLC is here to help!

Going on a Visit?

We provide a fully-insured, safe, comfortable, affordable and reliable transportation service to and from Pennsylvania State Correctional Institutions. The relaxation and comfort you will experience is unmatchable!

Want Good News?

We provide resource information for families of inmates in the Philadelphia area to assist with day-to-day living during this transitional time. We also provide resource information to assist with the inmate re-entry process back into the home and our community. Need more good news? Through this van service we’ve learned a great deal about ways to cope, resources families use (i.e. telephone providers) and just how interesting the state of Pennsylvania can be when it comes to community, politics and the judicial system. Our blog is our way of keeping you informed on our work and what we’re passionate about!

Women Supporters!

In 2017-2018 we ran a 4 week program Real Resilience honoring women who support and incarcerated loved one in Philadelphia!  Check out our video!

What about the Children?

We provide mentoring, violence prevention, educational, arts & culture, and employment resource information for children affected by incarceration in the Philadelphia community.