Our Mission

Ride and Rebuild, LLC is a Philadelphia-based business that focuses on the needs of the incarcerated and the families that support them. Our overall mission is to help families maintain contact throughout the entirety of incarceration and to provide tangible resources that will aide in the process.

Our Goals

Our Owner

Ride and Rebuild, LLC is owned and operated by Crystal Wyatt of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In 1999, Ms. Wyatt was in love with a man who suddenly became incarcerated. His children, family and she all suffered the loss of having a loved one removed from their daily life. And if that wasn’t bad enough, he was placed 3 hours away, making it extremely difficult for him to receive visits. In the subsequent years, through personal and professional experience, Ms. Wyatt has been dedicated to the service needs of families affected by incarceration. She served as a research assistant and project data specialist to Public/Private Ventures, a non-profit organization in Philadelphia, conducting research and evaluation of initiatives focused on adult/juvenile incarceration, mentoring, community and youth development. She currently serves as a Community Outreach Worker for the Philadelphia Collaborative Violence Prevention Center (PCVPC), to better aide in supporting those affected by crime in the community she grew up in. She also served on Philadelphia’s Youth Aide Panel to assist youth in alternatives to juvenile court and placement. But most importantly, if distance has been keeping you from visiting an incarcerated loved one and resource information that can assist you and your family during this transitional time has been difficult to find, Ms. Wyatt is committed to relieving you of that burden. Let her help!

Beyond the Wall Art Exhibit  Created by Artist Eric Okdeh and the Brothers at SCI Graterford.


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