Frequently Asked Questions

How do I reserve a seat?

Reserving a seat is easy. Simply click on the Going on a Visit tab and select Reserve a Seat on the table at the institution you’d like to visit. If you need assistance, please call 267.776.4439.

What is the price for children?

Pricing is based on seating.  Therefore, we do not offer discounted pricing for Children.

Why do I need to know my loved ones inmate number?

Knowing the inmate number allows Ride and Rebuild, LLC to verify that the inmate is at the institution you’d like to visit and to ensure that they are receiving the appropriate number of visitors per visit.

Where are your pick-up/drop-off locations?

  • 69th and Market Street (69th Street Terminal)
  • 30th and Market Street (Slainte Restaurant)
  • Broad and Hunting Park (Sunoco Gas Station)

What happens if I reserve a seat and miss the van?

We hope that you never experience reserving a seat and missing the opportunity to visit your loved one. We have a 10 minute waiting period at each pick-up location. If you miss the van, unfortunately, you will NOT receive a refund.

What ID do I need to bring in order to visit an institution?

According to the Department of Corrections, proper identification constitutes as, either one photo I.D. or two non-photo I.D.’s. Acceptable forms of photo identification include any one of the following: driver’s license, photo welfare, military, bank, employee or school I.D., passport, citizenship or naturalization card, Liquor Control Board or Commonwealth non-driver I.D. card. Any two of the following are acceptable non-photo identification: Voter’s Registration card, Medicare card, learners permit or temporary drivers license, vehicle registration, birth certificate, school identification, immunization record or a Social Security card. Identification beyond the expiration date will not be acceptable. You will not be permitted to visit without proper identification. Click here for more details.

What should I wear to a visit?

Please use good judgment and discretion in dress.

  • Acceptable dress: jeans or slacks, skirts and dresses knee length or longer, knee length shorts, tops and shirts that are loose fitting and completely cover the upper torso.
  • Unacceptable dress: gym shorts, boxer shorts, short shorts, spandex clothing or any item of clothing with rips, tears or revealing holes; clothing that makes reference to drugs, sex, violence or with obscene language; bare midriff, half shirts, halter tops, tank tops, pajamas or lingerie, or see-through clothing of any kind; or bare feet.
  • Dress codes may vary by institution. Therefore, please review the dress code for the institution you wish to visit at the Department of Corrections website. See “Visitor Rules”

Can I bring money to an institution?

Some institutions allow you to bring cash (i.e. Camphill) and others will ask that you purchase a credit card (i.e. Graterford) provided at the institution to be used in the vending machines in the visiting room. Use of money varies by institution. Therefore, please review the type of currency used for the institution you wish to visit at the Department of Corrections website. See “Visitor Rules”. If for some reason the information is not available, Ride and Rebuild, LLC will assist you with the information.

I’ve never visited a state correctional institution before what should I expect from the correctional officers?

Correctional Officers are very important staffers within the Department of Corrections. They interact with inmates as well as the public on behalf of the DOC. They are not interested in creating a negative experience for you during your visit at the institution. In fact, they realize that if inmates receive visits from family members, inmates are less likely to engage in negative behaviors. Therefore, it is important that you arrive at the institution with an attitude of gratitude, and with all your credentials intact. This includes having proper ID, being dressed appropriately, and absolutely without anything on your person that could be considered contraband.

Do you travel to Juvenile Facilities?

We will travel to Juvenile Facilities if the request is made. Please contact Ride and Rebuild, LLC directly to inquire on Juvenile Facility Transportation Service at 267.776.4439