What is a Bid? A Bid is a term used to describe the painstaking timeframe and process for which an individual is incarcerated in a county or state correctional institution. What is Bidding? Bidding is a term used by both men and women to describe their commitment to endure the Bid of an incarcerated loved one. How can you Survive the Bid if you are a Philadelphia or Pennsylvania resident? By staying focused, reading the information provided in The Bid Report and utilizing the resources provided by Ride and Rebuild, LLC on our website.


After you’ve mastered the visiting procedures at state facilities, it’s often on the ride home that you’re reflecting on the life you live without your incarcerated loved one. If the incarcerated loved one was the “bread winner” in the family your thoughts are often on the financial resources or services needed for you and any children affected by the incarceration. It is at this point in the Bid that outside support is needed the most. Below are a few resources in Philadelphia County and online support groups that may assist you during this transitional time. We hope you find them helpful!


Regardless of their age, the affect incarceration can have on a child is devastating. Research shows that children with an incarcerated parent are more likely to do poorly in school, at home, in the community and are more likely to become offenders in the future. We at Ride and Rebuild, LLC understand that nothing can replace an absent parent, but we are committed to offering families programmatic and educational resource information that will support children during this transitional time. We believe that, if given the resources, children can surmount any obstacle posed by the affects of incarceration. We hope you find the resources listed below helpful!


Violence Prevention:


Arts & Culture:



The Bid is never expected to last a lifetime, and there will always be a scheduled release date. For many it’s a time to mend broken relationships, and for others it’s a time to rejoice and anticipate the arrival of your loved one. We at Ride and Rebuild, LLC understand that families who are better prepared for the transition from incarceration to release are stronger and last longer. The resource links below are provided to assist you with understanding probation/parole, home plans and the community re-entry process. We hope you find them helpful!

We at Ride and Rebuild, LLC also know that during incarceration, many inmates have an opportunity to discover their entrepreneurial spirit but aren’t sure where to jump start their innovations. Ride and Rebuild, LLC has provided the link to the Small Business Administration (SBA), the America’s Small Business Development Centers (ASBD) located in and near Philadelphia, and the Urban League to help get you started.


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